We rebuilt the Casa de Pax

A House at the Service of the Community and the Planet with Love and Joy

How emerged and to whom belongs the Casa da Pax?

The house came completely unexpectedly. I never wanted to buy, but legally the Casa da Pax belongs to Paula Alves and is given to the Association Fazedores da Mudança until the moment when a Foundation will rise and the house will be given to that Foundation.

But the story started like this.... 


"Hey girl you can not leave this village without first seeing the house that you will buy"!

These were the prophetic words spoken by a lady I met in the village during my first visit. We were in February 2009, on my third or fourth visit to Vila de Rei. 


I confess that I was never curious to go to Agua Formosa, the first village to come from the South of the Rede de Aldeias de Xisto. Never crossed my mind to buy a house in that place, not only because I had no money but had no interest at all. To make it worse the house was built "glued" to the hill. I would never buy a house under these conditions. Yet life has these things! Play us many games!


After leaving the village at night, I had a dream and woke up to the idea that the house had chosen me and that I had to buy it.

Following this "calling" and abbreviating the story, a year later I was buying the house. However, I have always felt from the first moment that the house is not mine. I'm the one who owns the house and I have the task of rebuilding it.

In 2010 the deed of the house was made and since then, every month I paid the installments of the loan that I had to contract to be able to buy it. At this moment the house is given to the Fazedores da Mudança Association and I know that when it is rebuilt, there will be, sometime in time, a Foundation to whom I will give it. 

The house has a mission and everything flows so that it can materialize in the village Água Formosa, right in the heart of Portugal, municipality of Vila de Rei, district of Castelo Branco.

It looks magical does not it ?!

Although the task of rebuilding the Casa de Pax is felt as my responsibility, many people join me in this task, with all the ways and the necessary money that is need.

My deep gratitude to Life and to each one of you, for listening to your hearts and being able to say YES. 

Yes I support the rebuilding of the Casa da Pax!


(Paula Alves)

Casa de Pax: what does Pax mean?
Why is this House so special?
Who can use the Casa de Pax?
What are you going to do with the money we give?
Where is Água Formosa?


Get in your contact list ... identify 5 friends ... invite them to donate and do the same as you ... if each of them gives € 20 can donate € 620 in total. 


With your support we were able to rebuild the Casa da Pax.


We celebrate with you the inauguration of the Casa da Pax. MARK NOW on your agenda!


By supporting the reconstruction of the House of Pax we are enabling many people and families to reach the village, connect with themselves and with Nature while at the service of the community and assist in the necessary tasks or ongoing projects , for sustainability and for the good of all.

Be part of this movement. . .

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