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How did arise the idea of creating the association?
It came out totally unexpectedly, in a moment of great tranquility, sitting on the porch of a house that had at its feet the beautiful and magical Lake (Zêzere).
First was a very strong insight in the middle of the night, somewhere in late 2011 or early 2012. "Change Makers" were the words that emerged. In Portuguese "Fazedores da Mudança".

For those who were close at the time, it was clear: "fazedores da Mudança" as a phase of transition between paradigms. People who felt within themselves another vision of society and felt the urgency of creating the conditions, inside and outside of themselves, for simpler, more sustainable models of life and more related to nature and people.
A month later "we stumbled" in the documentary "Who cares?" carried out as part of the project Change Makers of Ashoka :) we were open-mouthed to the discovery.
It was never our intention to create an association, but in October 2013 a new insight emerged in that direction and on November 6 of that year people from various parts of the country, some of them without even knowing each other, were creating the Fazedores da Mudança Association.
Since then, in what we believe to be the flow of Life we are walking and doing our part.
(Paula Alves)


What is the purpose of the association

These are the Principles that guide us along the way.

With the awareness of us and of what surrounds us. . . .
With the awareness of us and  of what surrounds us, inevitably comes the responsibility to do different, in this transition of paradigms in which we have the privilege to live, even with all the pain and suffering in presence.
Recognizing that as humanity we are evolving, we believe that this society in which we live, lies in the idea of separation. Separation from my self in the most sacred or spiritual dimension. Separation from the other and nature. And in this idea of separation we destroy each other and the planet and create inequalities and ruptures at all levels. 
But within this old, obsolete model of society, another new one is emerging by the hand of all those who feel the responsibility of making the change itself, farewell to old beliefs and judgments, deconstructing a deeply selfish, selfish ego and opening empathy, compassion, simplicity, love.
We know that not all of us are on the same level of consciousness nor do we feel the same level of responsibility, but love moves us from the inside out, giving our best, at every moment, in an attitude of openness to the unknown and globally responsible.  

Where are we going? A little story...

Two commanders were given a mission....
One had to go to the ocean in order to divert himself from the icebergs. The other was asked to go to the ocean, but this time to reach the mainland on the other side of the ocean.
While the first was moving aimlessly away from the icebergs, the second commander advanced into the ocean with the focus on the destination where he was to arrive, and in the middle he would have to be attentive to the ocean to divert himself from the icebergs with which was crossing. Whenever he had to stray, he was careful to immediately adjust his route to the point of arrival.
What we want to exemplify with this story is that if we lose ourselves in the short term without any vision of the place where we want to go, any way is good, but if we have a vision of the world in which we want to live, we know where we are going and adjust the "route "whenever something holds us back or we have to divert.
There are no maps that clearly show us the way ... but we know that all together, in deep respect for each one and for the Planet ... step by step .... we can make our contribution in building the new world.

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