Let's create the most beautiful World that our hearts know to be possible?

(title inspired by the work of Charles Eisenstein)

A world rooted in LOVE.
We live in times of hope when the old systems are collapsing.
Collectively we are invited to make the change and we live, inside and outside of us, the "birth pains" of the new World.


Step by step
Step by step

With serenity and wisdom...

With love...
With love...

Caring for myself, the other and the planet ...

In this time
In this time

Of sustainable commitments...

I make the Change
I make the Change

Unite and creating dialogue bridges.

Reconstruction of the
Casa de PAX

A House in service of the Community, Humanity and the Planet.

Raised: €8.337       Goal: €80,000


Let's Plant?

Join us!

Listen to your heart. Follow your intuition. We are already many believing.

We need  80.000 € and we will get it!


The Sowers of support for Casa de Pax are people who want to contribute by inviting others to participate in or organize fundraising initiatives.

Initiatives to support
Casa de Pax

Jan - 2019

Fazer Aldeia

12 Jan, 2019 16:00
Auditório Camões | Lisboa
'Fazer Aldeia' é uma gala, um espectáculo, um roteiro de iniciativas inspiradoras para 2019.

É também um evento solidário, de angariação de fundos para o projeto de (re)construção da 'Casa de Pax'. Um exercício de cidadania comunitária, que nos convida a 'fazer aldeia' simples, pequeno, onde estamos e com que estamos.

Confiamos que se juntem a nós e esperamos por todos!

Pela Organização,
Isabel Correia | Rita Fouto | Vanda Freire

Together we are and make the change

Portugal Caring for the Common House

Change makers Association (Associação Fazedores da Mudança)

Join and share your gifts!

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